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Polser USA Hires New Operations Manager

Polser USA is pleased to announce that Adam Glanders has been hired as Operations Manager.

Winnebago IndustriesĀ® Specialty Vehicle Division Offers Exclusive Antimicrobial Coating in Mobile Units with Polser USA

Polser antimicrobial panels can help reduce the spread of pathogens are commonly used in surgery rooms, intensive care units, and medical clinics

Antimicrobial walls for mobile trailers and clinics introduced by Polser USA

Polser USA is proud to announce a new product option. Polser antimicrobial (AMB) technology for interior wall surfaces. The AMB material is like a microscopic bed of nails made from carbon nano-needles that pierce and kill over 100 known bacteria and viruses.

Polser, a World Leader in FRP and Composite Panels, is Setting Up Operations in Elkhart County

Polser International, a global leader in fiberglass reinforced plastic products (FRP) with headquarters in Turkey, is investing in a warehouse distribution facility in Elkhart County in Indiana.

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A sample of some industries where Polser AMB coating can provide benefits.


  • Hospitals

  • Outpatient clinics

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Intensive care units

  • Operating rooms

  • Mobile health clinics




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