Polser, a World Leader in FRP and Composite Panels, is Setting Up Operations in Elkhart County

Published On: April 4th, 2020

Polser International, a global leader in fiberglass reinforced plastic products (FRP) with headquarters in Turkey, is investing in a warehouse distribution facility in Elkhart County in Indiana. The company was founded in 1980 and is an innovation leader in the design and development of FRP and composite fiber reinforced plastic materials used in the production of recreational vehicles, buses, commercial trucks and other transportation industry vehicles.

Ahmet Cinar, managing director and owner of Polser International says it is a wise and advantageous decision to invest in Polser USA. “Our customers will benefit from shorter lead times, better interaction with engineering and sales, and the most competitive pricing.” Speaking of leadership at the new Indiana location, Cinar says, “We’ve hired an Elkhart native to be President of Polser USA. Greg Glanders brings over 27 years of supplier-side experience, and we are confident that he can help build our quality brand as we serve the RV market.”

The building, equipment, delivery trucks and staffing are scheduled to be complete in the next few months. Kagan Armagan, sales and marketing manager for Polser International, sees a great opportunity in the local markets. “There is a skilled workforce here, an infrastructure ideal for our facility, and we’ve been selling here for the past seven years through a distributor, so the timing is just right to be here in a more permanent way,” said Armagan. “Ahmet and I have been visiting Indiana over the recent years. The community is great, there’s so much potential—it was an easy decision,” he added.

Greg Glanders is excited to be selling a product that has been tried and proven throughout the world. “This is not a start-up company, they have revolutionized the use of modern FRP materials in markets like automotive, building materials (sold through Menards), and other industry within the 70 countries they service,” Glanders said. And like Polser International, serving the local markets from the supplier side is not new to Glanders as well. “I’ve been selling to and assisting OEMs in the RV, marine, bus and specialty vehicle arena for many years, and I believe in Polser’s products. The company is committed to reducing weight and taking out wood in recreational vehicles. We’ll be working with engineering to create lighter weight composites and materials for future applications.” Glanders plans to personally sit with each customer and prospect to develop the best, most innovative solutions for their specific product. The Elkhart County warehouse, which Glanders will manage, will provide daily deliveries as needed along with customer service and sales support.

Polser International was founded in Izmir, Turkey in 1980 by entrepreneur and civil engineer Abdulkadir Cinar. His sons, Ahmet and Alpay oversee the company today. Polser designed and produced polymer bath tubs at first, but in the 1990s innovated glass fiber reinforced plastic in transparent corrugated sheets. The company grew rapidly and expanded throughout the world. Today, Polser is a leader in FRP materials, selling to customers in 70 countries around the world.

About Polser USA

Polser USA is an innovative manufacturer/supplier of FRP products to the RV, bus, transportation, specialty vehicles, and building trade industries in North America with a warehouse distribution facility in Elkhart, IN. They are the North American division/distributor for Polser International, a second-generation family-owned Turkish company with customers in 70 countries around the world. Founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of bathtubs, they have gone on to become a world leader in FRP and lightweight composites development. Polser has revolutionized the FRP industry by introducing a clear coat layer of antimicrobial (AMB Technology) gel coat, which kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses. This technology is being used now to create a hygienically clean air space environment where necessary throughout a multitude of markets and applications.

For more information about Polser USA, visit https://polserusa.com/ or contact Greg Glanders at (574) 596-3363, by email at greg.glanders@polser.com or at their facility at 21099 Portecta Drive in Elkhart, Indiana.