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Polser Antimicrobial Technology kills pathogens on contact

What is

Polser Antimicrobial (AMB) Technology?

Polser AMB is a coating like a microscopic bed of nails, granting broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. The permanent coating is non-leaching and environmentally friendly. The material can be applied to various Polser products; from flat FRP sheets to composite plinths. Polser AMB forms a permanent molecular barrier that is attached to the surface via strong hydrogen bonds to form a high molecular weight polymer.

In the news

Polser Partners with Winnebago for AMB walls

Winnebago is partnering with us to add AMB antimicrobial coating to the inside walls of Winnebago’s specialty vehicles, such as food trucks and mobile medical clinics.

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of Polser AMB Technology

  • Patented product. EPA registered and FDA approved.
  • A permanent antimicrobial coating that builds strong hydrogen covalent bonds with the surface of composite flat plates.

  • Controls microbes on contact. Actively and instantly kills the microorganisms by disrupting the cell membrane, eliminating any possibility of mutation, adaptation or resistance to chemical solutions.
  • The surface has high concentrations of C18, a long molecule shaped like a positively charged glass sword. The AMB coating has over 6 million of these micro-swords per square inch.

Microscopic surface view

Impales and bursts pathogens

  • Does not degrade from use. These sword structures are permanent, and not consumed or damaged when destroying pathogens.

  • Pathogens are pulled down the swords via a positive molecular charge, causing them to burst and deactivate

  • Non-toxic and does not contain carcinogens, teratogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins. No chemical solutions leach from the product.

  • The coating protects the FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) surface against attack from microbes that can cause discoloration, odors and polymer breakdown.

  • Has a broad pathogen killing spectrum; Bacteria (gram positive), Staphylococcus aureus, Bacteria (gram negative and positive), Salmonella, Typhosa, yeast, moss, fungus, spores (B. cereus), viruses.

How does Polser AMB work?

The structure of the Polser AMB. One can think of the C18 long molecular chain as a glass sword that has a positive charge. For every 1 mm2 of surface area, there are more than 10,000 (6,000,000/in2) of these glass swords.

This is an electron scanning photo of the Polser AMB on a surface.

The microbe is drawn down to the long molecular chain that has a positive charge and it is burst like a balloon, resulting in its deactivation. As nothing is given from the surface to the microbe or to the environment, the antimicrobial effect never loses its strength.

Applications for Polser AMB Technology

  • Hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other medical facilities

  • Operation rooms, intensive care units, laboratories

  • Mobile health clinics

  • Food production and processing plants

  • Dairy farms, poultry houses, slaughterhouses

  • Disease-free farms

  • Veterinarian clinics

  • Clean rooms

  • Mobile restrooms

  • Recreational vehicle bathrooms

  • Transit buses, school buses

  • Train cars/rail service

Other products where Polser AMB Technology can be applied

DECOSER® wall and ceiling panels

Decoser fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels are being produced with continuous lamination technology by Polser FRP Panels Inc. Decoser panels are new generation building materials which are specially engineered for buildings where minimum maintenance and maximum sanitation is required.

Granitron composite plinths

Granitron wall skirting can also be treated with AMB technology for a decorative yet functional finishing option.

Pathogens Inactivated

Polser AMB is effective on this list of over 100 known pathogens without the use of chemical solutions.


A sample of some industries where Polser AMB coating can provide benefits.


  • Hospitals

  • Outpatient clinics

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Intensive care units

  • Operating rooms

  • Mobile health clinics




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  • Fully Automated Reporting

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  • AI Focused Advice

Polser AMB technology improves sanitation for the entire room

While Polser’s AMB paneling is only recommended for use on walls and ceilings, it also has a positive effect on the hygiene of other items in the room as well, even those without a treated surface. Because AMB is so effective at killing pathogens on contact, there are fewer active pathogens nearby in both the air and on the floor. Pathogens move between surfaces and also to the air, where they can settle on another surface. It’s just a fact of life.

Walls and ceilings can be a prime breeding ground for pathogens, but Polser’s AMB technology removes this sizable surface from the equation, preventing a source of logarithmic growth. A growth that, left unchecked, would spread and contaminate these other surfaces.

AMB’s carbon nano-needle technology also uses a positive charge to draw in pathogens, including from the nearby air. This effectively acts as a type of air filter for a room. Floors are exposed to fewer pathogens from this increased sanitation as a secondary effect. Walls alone can have a significant hygiene impact, as shown in the closed system test figures below.

Pre-cladding of the walls with Polser AMB Post-cladding of the walls with Polser AMB % Reduction
Air1 1370 cfu/m3

38.79 cfu/ft3
450 cfu/m3

12.74 cfu/ft3
Floor2 83 cfu/m2

7.71 cfu/ft2
24 cfu/m2

2.23 cfu/ft2

CFU: Colony forming unit
1: Colony forming unit in 1 m3 (35 ft3) of air
2: Colony forming unit on 100 cm2 (.107 ft2) of surface

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