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What are

Polser Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels?

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a composite sheet material resulting from the combination of glass fiber surrounded by a polyester-based plastic resin.

Plastics are highly flexible and do not have high mechanical strength and are prone to breakage. Glass Fiber is an excellent reinforcing material, providing the tensile strength that plastics lack.

Together, these two materials work together and provide characteristics superior to either of the materials utilized alone. FRP resists cracking, breaking or splitting and is more impact resistant than steel or aluminum. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and features high thermal and chemical resistance.


of Polser FRP panels

  • Maintenance-free

  • Excellent weathering properties

  • Highly impact resistant

  • Easy to clean, does not hold dirt and odors

  • Flexible material. Can be used with curved surfaces

  • Can be delivered as rolls for long continuous surfaces

  • Easy to apply along with insulating materials

  • Resistant to stains and chemicals

  • Features a high quality UV stabilized gelcoat to ensure high resistance to sunlight and environmental weathering

Stacked rolls of FRP

FRP coils in a warehouse

  • Lightweight material. Excellent for reducing weight in trucks and trailers

  • Plates are delivered with temporary protective film on their outer surfaces

  • Heat resistant, and low heat conductivity coefficient keeps the heat outside

  • High thermal stability over a wide range of service temperatures

  • Low installation cost

  • Produced using a state-of-the-art continuous process, and is available in cut-to-size or convenient roll format

  • Can be produced with woven roving for increased mechanical strength

Applications for Polser FRP panels

  • Campers, travel trailers, and recreational vehicles

  • Dry goods/delivery trucks

  • Reefer/refrigerated trucks

  • Semi trailers

  • Enclosed cargo trailers

  • Work trucks

  • Sports vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Transit/shuttle buses

  • School buses

  • Train cars/rail service

Surface finish types

  • ST – Standard; no protective surface coating

  • EMB – Cracked ice pattern-embossed surface (increases scratch resistance, easier to clean)

  • JUV – Gel coat; smooth and glossy automotive-style surface

  • HG – High gloss; thicker gel coat for a more luxurious automotive appearance

  • YT – Surface veil

  • MUV – PET film-coated surface (provides resistance to environmental weathering)

  • MXUV – UV resistant extra PET film (provides resistance to environmental weathering plus yellowing)

  • KF – Surface protection film (provides protection against scratches during handling and transportation)

Composite Flooring

Polser seamless lightweight composite decks provide a number of advantages over standard wood flooring.

  • Our composite replaces wood

  • One-piece seamless application

  • Will prevent floor rot, mildew and soft spots

  • Comes in a coil for ideal storage and less scrap

  • Polser USA can custom configure composite flooring to your exact needs


with Anti-Slip Coating

FRIGOSER FRP anti-slip flooring panels are excellent for adding high traction to ramp door surfaces, stairs, or anywhere a step location is needed. Fiber-reinforced materials provide high strength and durability for years of maintenance-free service. The anti slip coating is similar in texture to sandpaper, and is available in fine, medium, and coarse grit levels. Due to the unique continuous production process the coating is applied very evenly for a reliably non- slip surface.

  • Thickness: 0.024″ – 0.196″

  • Width: 47.24″ – 126″

  • Length for coils: up to 800 feet

  • Three levels of anti-slip: fine, medium, coarse – classification R10 to R13 according to DIN 51130

  • Colors: black (similar to RAL 9005), grey shades (similar to RAL 7043, RAL 7040 or RAL 7001)

  • Automated continuous manufacturing process

  • Other thicknesses, colors and dimensions available on request

Composite Roofing

Translucent roof coils are also available and are a popular feature in parcel trucks and landscape trailers.

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A sample of some industries where Polser AMB coating can provide benefits.


  • Hospitals

  • Outpatient clinics

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Intensive care units

  • Operating rooms

  • Mobile health clinics




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